Premier contemporary blog, “bridging faith and culture”, that responds to the growing needs of the uncommitted saint, the unchurched culture, and the unsaved nations that are seeking for the truth in a person, place or thing that can’t satisfy the “hole in their hearts”.

After penning more than 1,000 blogs throughout the past twelve years, Pastor Walter has thoughtfully engaged cyber-space on many “cultural front”, where there has been heated debate, shifting sands, or societal winds blowing in a different direction — often crosswise of biblical standards and moral convictions, which are in line with the Word of God..

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“A Historical Snapshot..”

Pure In Heart Int’l Ministries, Inc. (PIHIM) began in Louisville, Kentucky, in October of 1997, through the joint efforts of Walter L. Smith III and Ruth Charlene Lyons, as Pure-N-Heart Music Ministry.

As key leaders in their local churches music department, Walter & Charlene responded to their pastor’s suggestion, to share the music they often ministered to the local congregation — throughout the region, the state of Kentucky, and throughout the world.

What Walter didn’t know “is”, around the time of their anniversary, Charlene would be diagnosed with endometriosis cancer in October of 1999 — and live eleven years passed it; after many years of fighting the “death sentence” given by doctors, as they continued to “walk by faith and not by sight”..

FULL STORY available in Vimeo and YouTube in 2019!!


PIHIM Logo – What Does It Mean?

The “spiritual heart” is the core or seat of all human emotion, affection, desire, and love. It is also the origination or center of true thoughts, ideas, passions, and the human will. According to Jesus, the product of human life and its experiences stem from the heart, where inner judgments, morality, and courage are conceived and formulated for all behavior and conduct. As the sunlight or light source of the body, the heart represents the “temple seat” of one’s god – or the true worshipper’s altar. Jesus said, in Matthew 5:8. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

The “tree” represents the strength and fortification of a grounded life centered in Christ. The leaves provide the nesting place for the curious seekers and developing disciples to be empowered by God’s spirit – through the word and witness of His precious ministry gifts. The healing of the nations is the prophetic promise for the millennial reign of Christ, and everyone that partakes. Trees also signify fluency in revelatory speech and the nourishment that comes from a healthy root system. The first chapter of Psalm says, “…We shall be like trees planted by the rivers of water that brings forth fruit in its season.” As plantings of the Lord, we shall flourish, prosper and do great exploits that will echo throughout the halls of eternity.

The “crown” represents the royal distinction and signification of the highest level of achievement, as an emblem of victory; worn as a badge of honor and courage, rewards of accomplishment, and insignias of dominion, power and nobility. There is only one King of kings and Lord of lords – Jesus Christ; and “the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ; and He shall reign forever.” We are kingdom citizens, and the Lord has determined that “of the increase of His kingdom, there shall be no end.” We are called to go forth in His name, and saturate every nation of the earth with the “good news” or glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. We, in turn will be given glorious crowns for our purpose-driven lives, and faithfully experience earthly and heavenly rewards for all of eternity.

The Star of David represents God’s eternal goodness, unending mercy, and faithfulness for the State or Nation of Israel – and the Jewish People, since His initial call to Abraham; the Father of Faith. The international outreach ministry is committed to the God-ordained commitment to unwavering prayers and support for the Jewish State, and is devoted to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; May they prosper who love you.” As the climax of the ages is fulfilled in the Person of Jesus Christ, the blindness of the Jewish people will become even more prevalent. The Church must make our service to the Jewish people as a mission’s priority, and “be” the loving witness of Christ to eyes as they open to see their Messiah.

The “dove” represents the presence and power of God; an invitation to the Holy Spirit to rest, rule, reign in absolute authority over the plans, priorities and positioning of Christ’s extended ministry; and the authenticating or marking of His wisdom, grace and virtue.

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What’s It All About..

Pure In Heart Int’l Ministries, Inc. (PIHIM) is an Apostolic & Prophetic Marketplace Ministry and Mobile-Church that focuses on ministering to every level of church leadership that influences the searching world, complacent Christian, and the remnant of Christ’s followers, in fully comprehending: God’s Original Intention, The Kingdom Contention, The Demonic Seduction, The Believer’s Conviction, and The Cultural Dimension from a biblical perspective; while helping to strengthen the universal church’s relevance in the earth, through dynamic music, innovative multi-media communications, and powerful Christ-centered messages concerning God’s great plan for the ages.”


The Center For Kingdom Advancement (TCFKA)..

To establish The Center For Kingdom Advancement (TCFKA) as an intergenerational, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and nondenominational group of discerning and devoted Christian believers learning from, linking with and sincerely loving one another as a thriving discipleship community – in both a physical and virtual global context that bridges the multi-pronged dynamics of weekly gatherings, targeted community outreach and service, times of prophetic and apostolic commissioning, and the supernatural release of God’s grace through a reforming culture of intercessory prayer and worship – as a mature, skilled and mobilized workforce for the Kingdom of God, through the “community bridges” formed by groups of local congregations.

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