Our Approach

“The Smith’s” are ALL ABOUT “family ministry”, and that means — our first ministry is to one another; and then to others!  We believe that God’s equipping and preparation is NOT about anything, but living for and walking with CHRIST — and from THAT place of brokenness and intimacy, God uses us to comfort and minister to those that HE has assigned to our care..

Our Story

When the Lord brought our lives together, HE not only fulfilled many promises and purposes beyond our wildest imagination..But, HE also begin to make sense of the unusual path and miraculous interventions that have marked our lives from the beginning!

Meet the Smith’s

Too many times, when people think of ministry, their next thought is “sinless perfection’, which is a part of the “glasshouse” that many Christian families in ministry live under..

Why? Because people want to know who they’re doing business with…Great!  Well, let’s START with understanding, “it’s a human thing”.  Yes, empowered by the Grace of Almighty God through the Person of Jesus Christ — yet, very “human”.

”Apart from HIM, we can do NOTHING”!

Yahayra Smith


Yahayra has come a long way in her faith and in her relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a passionate daughter and anointed jewel for the Kingdom of God..If there were EVER a dynamic help-meet and woman of faith, Yahayra is “it”..

Carlies Y. Smith


Carlies is a sincere and thoughtful young man with the heart of God, and the desire to see Christ’s Kingdom revealed in unusual ways.  With a similar fire and passion as his Dad, Carlies carries a burden to carry the ministry with the same integrity and focus..

Brenda L. Smith


Brenda is an extraordinary artist with a beautiful heart; and she carries a hunger to glorify God through her artistry.  If there was one thing that she could do to win the world for Christ, it would be to create a picture that reveals God’s unrelenting love for every searching person in need, so they would never question HIS care and concern for them..

Come and See Us..

The Smith’s are “building people”, not buildings.  So, there local community center has become their “filling station” for those with spiritual needs, who are NOT interested in a competing or uncomfortable “religious environment” that feels more like a “social club” than a “family of believers”.  Learn more, and come spend time with us..FUN. FUN. FUN. Call to Action