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Principles of New Testament Giving

Biblical Stewardship (Matthew 25)

Giving Voluntarily (2 Corinthians 9)

Giving Proportionately (2 Corinthians 8)

Giving Sacrificially (John 3:16)

“The Power of Partnership Between God and Man!” There’s Power in Ordained Partnerships! From the beginning of “time” as we’ve all come to know and understand it from the Word of God, the Father has shown His intent for bringing the apex of creation (mankind) into partnership with Him in the joint-stewardship of the earth, through releasing the supernatural endowment of His Spirit upon mankind. Without digressing into the “fall of man”, or the subsequent covenants God made with His chosen representatives during the progressive dispensations throughout human history – His original intent and His plan for mankind during the climax of the ages and the consummation of all things in the Person of Jesus Christ, for both dynamic partnership and mutual cooperation with us; has neither been altered or changed. The heart of God burns with zealous passion for the explosive synergy, purpose and provision harmoniously colliding through our ordained partnerships with Him and our thoughtful partnerships with one another. He longs to see the unrestricted flow of His life-giving power infusing wholeness, sufficiency, increase, and empowerment to the vessels of honor that release themselves into the river of eternal bountifulness – which is the evidence of His goodness and love towards mankind. GOD is passionate about our connection-capacity to enter into the fullness of all that He intends for each of us; through the sharing of each other’s spiritual grace, and by actively and consistently supporting the work of ministry prayerfully and financially, for proper distribution of His storehouse on earth, so that the world may see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven! What does “Partnership” mean for YOU? Whether you are returning the tithe or giving an offering, the principles of both are important to understand, so that the maximum benefits and the supernatural release of divine empowerment through these simple acts of faith, facilitates God’s eternal purposes in timely measures for an unlimited flow and supply for the work of ministry. When God ministers to anyone’s heart to partner with an Apostolic and Prophetic ministry, we should be both humbled and conscious of the blessing and responsibility given to us to both properly steward the precious seed sown in His name, and bathe the seed as well as the individual/family/ministry with His prophetic declarations and promises. “Connect Your Seed To His Purpose!” YOUR SEED> Time. Talent. Treasure. Tongue. 1) Identify the “storehouse” God has called you to thoughtfully partner with. 2) Release your financial seed along with God’s word in faith for His covenant to be established in the earth through you, your family and your ministry’s thoughtful giving. 3) Worship in expectancy as you give, knowing that every sacrifice and all obedience will be greatly rewarded. If you treat “returning the tithe” as an act of worship – as you go to the altar to return your tithe and offering to the priest, the endowment and spiritual impartation of the priestly blessing under the Order of Melchizedek will be released upon you. In other words – when you give, you should expectantly reach for a release of Christ’s endowment upon your life and family. The intensifying grace of God for New Testament giving is experienced in the walk of faith that focuses the investment of every seed sown on honoring and pleasing God! The unselfish disposition of every member is motivated simply to be the answer to the known needs, but recognizes that the only burden of being a part of the supply – is personal obedience! When the people respond to His leadership, Christ multiplies the seed that’s sown in His name, and guarantees that every need will be met according to His riches in glory! What an awesome privilege we have to share in His marvelous plan! The miracles that He wants to release into and through our lives are beyond our wildest imagination! BE the miracle, by being responsive to what He tells YOU to do! Pastor Walter




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