Training Classes, Seminars and Topical Studies

The Center For Kingdom Advancement (TCFKA) is a training and outreach center focused on building disciples for the Kingdom of God.  A mobile-church and para-church ministry that “meets people where they are”, while strengthening the devotion of Believers in Christ.

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Friday Night Live...

Christian families often struggle with finding “community”, even though mid-week studies and Sunday church attendance should be the solvent.  The Smith’s believe that food, fellowship and prayer is what’s missing from many families — treating any church activity like a “burden to carry”, instead of a refreshing and source of restoration from a difficult week..

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Sunday — Let’s Have A Conversation...

It is the Smith’s conviction from scripture, that “church” from our New Testament Reality in Christ, is about: 1) fellowship in the Word of God; 2) praying and laying hands upon those sent to do the work of ministry; 3) breaking bread and exchanging with one another, while meeting “felt” needs; and 4) praising and worshipping God, through the corporate expression and tenor of seeking His Presence and Power for every need to be met.



Christ and His Kingdom is Our Priority...

The Smith’s have one primary goal, and that is: Every Believer in Christ, should come to know the freedom and the liberty that belongs to every citizen of the Kingdom of God, without limitation or restriction..Do NOT settle for anything less!

People Development. People Empowerment. Eternal Bridge-Building.

When your “goal” is NOT “accumulating members for your church”, but “populating heaven in cooperation with The King”, the focus on “building your church” never enters your mind — because, their HIS PEOPLE, anyways..GET THERE!


Do you have a need?

The Bible says, “Freely we have received, so freely we give”.  PIHIM/TCFKA exists only because God willed it too be!  It takes resources to do ministry, BUT, we’re glad to say that nearly 90% of all funds we sow and receive goes into meeting the needs of people..

We sow into the lives of individuals, families, church and Para-church ministries, and marketplace ministries reaching the masses in their particular field, occupational area or vocation.

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